Entry permit for foreign tourist

For foreign guest it is necessary to obtain a permit to enter Sikkim, called the I.L.P (Inner line permit), also known as the R.A.P (Restricted Area Permit). When entering and exiting Sikkim,(Rangpo) your passport will be stamped much in the same manner as when crossing state borders. You require two photographs and two copies of passport. This is a very simple process and barely takes 15 minutes. A permit is issued for 15 days, which is extendable for a further period of 30 days in two spells of 15 days in Sikkim. The permit can be obtained ONLINE &  from the following places :


  • Permits can be collected from the Indian embassies in different countries. Along with your Indian visa, you can apply for Sikkim permit. This offers convenience.
  • Bagdora airport, at the Sikkim tourist counter. Open between 10 am and 4 pm. 7 days a week
  • Foreigners Regional Registration Offices in Kolkatta, Delhi, Madras & Mumbai.
  • Resident Commisioner, Govt of Sikkim.4C, Poonam building.5/2 Russel Street.Kolkatta.
  • New Sikkim House, Sikkim Tourism. Panchsheel Marg, Chanakya Puri. New Delhi. This is opposite the American embassy.
  • Rangpo : This is the Sikkim state border, and the gateway to Sikkim.It is the first town in Sikkim, that links Siliguri to Sikkim. Distance is about 51km from Siliguri. A 1 hour and 15 minute drive from Siliguri.All vehicles entering into Sikkim have to stop here. All foreign guests have to show their passports/visa here. Your permit can also be obtained at Rangpo. Remember to get your passports stamped here on entry and exit to Sikkim.
  • Siliguri : Sikkim Tourism Centre , located at S.N.T, bus stand. The place from which government buses depart for Sikkim. S.N.T.means Sikkim Nationalized Transport.
  • Darjeeling : Sikkim Travel Desk located inside the Old Bellevue Hotel (opposite to Glenerys restaurant).

Exception : Foreign diplomats, United Nations officials and members of International organisations needs to obtain their permit from the Ministry of External Affairs at New Delhi.


Note : Please check the issuing offices timings and govt holidays. They do not remain 24 hours open.

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